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Welcome to the Cleeve Parish Council website
Cleeve is a village and civil parish in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. It is situated within the unitary authority of North Somerset, 9 miles (14km) south west of Bristol and has a population of 902 (2011 census).

Bristol Airport planning application

PCAA response can be found HERE and accompanying appendices HERE

Dr Fox has set up a web page on Bristol Airport to publish replies to letters he has written on behalf of his constituents. If you have any concerns on the airport plans please email and the webpage is

Planning Application by Bristol Airport Limited,
Reference No: 18/P/5118/OUT

CPC response can be found HERE

Description: The application is for growth to 12 million passengers per annum (mppa). This is phase 1 of proposed growth to 20 mppa. 12 mppa will be a 50% increase from 2017 when Bristol Airport reached 8 mppa and will mean a throughput 97,373 aircraft movements in a 12-month calendar period resulting in a flight almost every three minutes. There will be a further extension to the ‘Silver Zone’ car park of approximately 2,700 additional spaces for all-year-round use, in the green belt. There will be major congestion on the A38 spilling over to the A370 and on to rural roads through rural villages.

The deadline for comment is 26 January (but see below…)


Please comment NOW on the latest plans to expand Bristol Airport so that views are formally registered with the local planning authority, North Somerset Council (NSC).

For full documentation and to comment go to the North Somerset Council website planning at  

This page gives you information on how to make a comment. To find the application documents click on ‘Search for an Application’ and enter the reference number 18/P/5118/OUT

Alternatively you can write to:

Planning Department, North Somerset Council, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston super Mare BS23 1UJ
Make sure you enter the reference number for the application

The deadline for public comments is 26 January, set by North Somerset Council. This is very short for proper public scrutiny of this complex planning application with over 5,000 pages. Even if your comments arrive after the North Somerset Council’s arbitrary 26 January deadline (which has no force in law), it will still help.

You can also copy in your local MP and councillor. Go to to find your MP's email address. Your councillor's email address can be found on your local council website. For example, email addresses for North Somerset councillors can be found at

You can also email a copy to the following councillors who are influential:

Leader of North Somerset Council Nigel Aston.
Council Elfan Ap Rees responsible for transport and economics
Cllr Peter Bryant responsible for pollution.
Cllr J Iles responsible for health.

Prepare separate, different responses for members of your household, each with their own entry or letter.


Explain your concerns in the context of how you are already impacted by the airport: this might be daytime noise and/or night flights; traffic congestion and rat runs; air quality; illegal/inconsiderate car parking; litter; loss of quality of life and community character… and more.

Current and expected impacts will vary depending where you live but even if you are at some distance from the airport, it is valuable to show how wide-ranging the airport’s impacts can be.

Give a very specific account of how you suffer at present and how this would worsen with any further increase in permitted numbers.

Make it clear that you object to the planning application and want the Council to refuse it.

Tell your own story; this will have much more power than the standard template and automatic emails of support suggested by Bristol Airport to staff, customers, contractors, suppliers and others.

Include photos with your response showing the impacts of airport activities on the quality of life of residents. The use of one image with a clear and concise title and with a simple message is highly effective within a written comment, for example a photo of:

Illegally parked cars
Queues of traffic at standstill on the A38 and junctions of Downside, West Lane and elsewhere
Litter on Felton Common and Brockley Combe
The new building (the administration block) next to the A38 which clearly demonstrates an act of vandalism compromising the green belt and the rural landscape.
Low-flying aircraft that generate significant noise issues.
Hedges on the south side which will be removed to provide 5.1 hectares of low-cost car parking but which will diminish wild life.

Airport parking
Please can you log any parking you believe to be for the airport, we require dates, length of parking and photographs. Once we have sufficient evidence we can speak to NSC about what action to take.  

Backwell and Wrington Neighbourhood Beat Team
Please find names and email addresses below for Cleeve’s local Beat team.
Mark Raby- Neighbourhood Beat Sergeant-
Martin Faithfull- Neighbourhood Beat Manager -
Eleanor Hicks- Police Community Support Officer-

Defibrillator - The defibrillator has been installed at Cleeve Village Hall (near the main entrance) and is available for use if instructed to do so by the ambulance service. This has been made possible by generous donations from residents and businesses.

Waste collection 
Households should have now received correspondence from NSC regarding the waste collection changes. For more information please follow this link: timetable 

Cleeve will now be visited fortnightly on Mondays from 11.10 – 11.30amThe mobile library will be at Woodview Drive on the following dates.


14th, 28th

11th, 25th

11th, 25th



3rd, 17th

If you would like more information on the Rural Services Network please follow their link below.