Parish Council

Cleeve Parish Council has seven Councillors who are elected every four years at General Council Elections. The next election will be in May 2019. Councillors are not paid for their services but may receive travelling expenses for attending meetings or activities outside the parish. Each May, at the Annual Parish Council Meeting, the Councillors elect one member to be the Chairman of Council for the forthcoming year. The Council is obliged to have a person, to be its Proper Office - called the Clerk to the Council or Parish Clerk. It is also required to appoint a person to be responsible for the finances of the Council - the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO).

The Parish Council elects its own Chairman, and a Vice-Chairman, currently every May.

The Parish Council currently does not have sub committees and therefore decisions are made by all Councillors in attendance at the monthly ordinary meetings.  Click here to see a list of responsibilities as representatives at external meetings.

Your Councillors are:

Jean Ashman
(Acting Chairman)Cleeve House Farm,
Meeting House Lane, Cleeve BS49 4PD01934 833254

Hilary Burn
Goblin Combe, Plunder Street, Cleeve BS49 4PQ01934 838599

Deb Lister23 Cleeve Drive, Cleeve BS49 4NW
01934 830236

Marianne Pitman
60 Bishops Road, Cleeve BS49 4NQ01934 838801

George StringerWalnut Lodge, Rear of 56 Main Road, Cleeve BS49 4NR01934 834866

Toby Morton22 Bishops Road, Cleeve BS49 4NG

The District Councillor representing the Ward that Cleeve belongs to can be contacted in the following manner:
Deborah YamanakaWrington Farmhouse, School Road
Wrington, BS40 5NA

Parish Councillor's Register of Interests:
 Please click on the links below to access these:
Hilary Burn
Jean Ashman
Marianne Pitman
George Stringer
Toby Morton
Deb Lister