Welcome to Cleeve Parish Council Website

Welcome to Cleeve Parish Council Website

Cleeve is a village and civil parish in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. It is situated within the unitary authority of North Somerset, 9 miles (14km) south west of Bristol and has a population of 902 (2011 census).


Could you be a Parish Councillor?


We currently have a vacancy for a councillor on Cleeve Parish Council which the Parish Council will fill by co-option.


If you are interested please complete an application in accordance with the “Application for Co-Option onto Cleeve Parish Council” form HERE

and return it to cleeveparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk


Are you an enthusiastic person? Do you feel your voice does not get heard? Would you like to make Cleeve somewhere to be proud of, somewhere you want to live and somewhere that your children enjoy growing up?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then Cleeve Parish Council needs you. We need enthusiastic people who want to ensure all decisions that are made effecting Cleeve are for the benefit of ALL its residents. We need people with voices who have opinions on the day to day running of the village, people who want to get involved in the future of Cleeve and how it develops.

Being a Councillor is so much more than sitting around a table discussing planning applications. Being a Councillor means you help represent your village, a place you have chosen to live, a place you want to succeed and a place you want to continue being happy in.

We need some new ideas and fresh faces to take Cleeve forward in the right direction. The Parish Council meets once a month on the 2nd Tuesday from 7.30pm, (CURRENTLY REMOTELY VIA VIDEO LINK) the meetings are relaxed and welcoming, and most decisions are made during the meeting so there is little for Councillors to follow up on.

Why not come along to a meeting or two, see what happens and listen to the issues that are raised. Perhaps something will inspire you to say I want to make a difference, if it does, speak up and put yourself forward now while you have a passion for it. Think of what you could achieve if your voice is one of those which gets heard. Think of how you could improve things that you know make people unhappy, you can speak on their behalf. 

Do it for yourself, think of how it will make you feel knowing that alongside your day to day achievements that you HAVE made a difference to Cleeve, you HAVE contributed to how it develops and you CAN have a voice.

 All About Cleeve - Village Magazine  HERE

We are pleased to provide a link to the current edition of the magazine. We would remind readers of the magazine that the views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cleeve Parish Council, it's Councillors or employees.


Public Health England is launching its biggest ever flu vaccination programme, with the aim of giving jabs to 30 million people. This year anyone over 50 in England can get one for free. Officials hope it'll reduce the burden on the NHS during the winter and minimise the number of people who could become infected with both flu and the coronavirus, with serious and sometimes deadly consequences.

Please ensure that you've all had a flu jab and that any of the villagers you know are vulnerable are having one, have had one or have one planned

If you haven't heard from your doctor's surgery then it is worth checking arrangements on their websites or calling them - they should be able to make arrangements for the vulnerable to be visited if necessary.


or https://www.mendipvale.nhs.uk/practices/


Face Masks 

We have prepared some notices regarding the wearing of facemasks in the local shops. We will distribute these to local shops but please feel free to download as reminders

Notice 1HERE 

Notice 2 HERE

Notice 3 HERE

Notice 4 HERE

Notice 5 HERE 


Covid-19 Update 5 November 2020 

From Thursday 5 November until 2 December, you must stay at home.
For more information on the new measures watch our video or visit: www.gov.uk/coronavirus


This isn’t the time for complacency. We all need to keep playing our part to stop the spread of coronavirus in North Somerset and protect each other:

?? wash your hands regularly
?? wear a face covering when appropriate (if you're able to)
↔ make space - try and stay at least 2 metres from people you don't live with
6?⃣ Stick to the rule of 6 for meeting people indoors and outdoors
?? Self-isolate when necessary
? Get tested if you’ve got symptoms
Image may contain: text that says 'HM Government NHS We must keep on protecting each other. HANDS FACE ?? SPACE STAY ALERT CONTROL THE IRUS SAVELIVES'

 Taking exercise in the countryside

Cleeve Parish Council is pleased that residents from neighbouring communities want to share the beautiful countryside for their exercise in uncertain times. We have been using some of our income contributed to by local residents through council tax to gradually replace stiles with pedestrian gates so all abilities can use our parish paths.

In our parish many residents work in towns but there are a sizeable number of business based in the village. Almost all the undeveloped land is used for farming including stables and forestry and is used to provide an income for the owners.

Although there is a network of footpaths and bridleways most of the land surrounding them is privately owned. Most GPS maps on mobile phones do not differentiate between public and private paths or bridleways so if in doubt ie it is not marked as a public right of way, please check before using it.

Not only that but farmyards, stable yards and forestry sites are potentially dangerous, damage to crops including grass or to animals such as sheep worrying are distressing for the owners whose income is directly affected.

While we all appreciate how being in the countryside improves well being also we should remember to protect the environment both plants and animals including birds.

If we all follow the Countryside Code we can all enjoy our exercise.

 Country side code can be found HERE


Dog fouling

Once again dog fouling seems to have become an issue. Please, if you are walking your dog, pick up after them and dispose of it in the correct way. We have lots of dog bins around the village which are all emptied weekly.

There have been reports of dog waste being thrown in hedges along the footpath by Millennium Green.

To report an incident of dog fouling please use the following link.


Thank you to those of you who continue to keep Cleeve a clean village.


Please could all landowners ensure they are taking responsibility for their hedgerows. If your hedges overhang a footpath, pavement or highway, we would like to ask that they are cut back to allow safe use of the highways and walkways. Please also ensure any waste is cleared away.


Cleeve Hill Road

 It is with great pleasure and thanks to Bristol Airport Community fund that we can now go ahead and schedule the speed reduction works to take place in 2020. This will see a reduction from the current National speed limit to a 30mph.

We do not have an exact date yet but will update when we know.

Please see the plans here:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


gateway detail

Updated speed readings for Cleeve Hill Road can be seen HERE