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Cleeve is a village and civil parish in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. It is situated within the unitary authority of North Somerset, 9 miles (14km) south west of Bristol and has a population of 902 (2011 census). 

Annual Report for 2018

The Council:

There was a shuffle around in the Council, Alan Doughty stepped down back in April and Cllr Ronnie Morley was co-opted in to fill the vacancy.

Cllr Burn stepped down from the role of Chair in May after holding the position for 6 years. Cllr Jean Ashman who was then Vice Chair was elected as Chair with Cllr Debs Lister as Vice Chair.

The Council continues to work well together and despite some changes has thrived and remained a strong Parish Council with Cleeve residents always as its priority.

Our District Councillor is Deborah Yamanaka, who has attended many of our meetings during 2018 and continues to be a huge help to the Parish Council.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Caroline Crane who works as our Village Orderly and does an excellent job of keeping the village clean and tidy.

Planning applications:

We received various planning applications throughout 2018, mostly local ones which posed no issues to the village. However, the two which have taken up a lot of time are the proposed changes to The Lord Nelson and the planning consultations from Bristol Airport.

Bristol Airport planning application reference: 18/P/5118/OUT. This application is to increase the current passenger footfall from 8mppa to 12mppa with the long-term aim of the figure being 20mppa. This increase will have significant impacts on Cleeve including the increased carbon emissions, extra traffic on the roads both passing through and parking. Night flights are limited to 4,000 per annum , with 3,000 flights in the summer months and 1,000 flights in the winter months. The airport is proposing a joint total of 4,000 flights per annum. The airport has under 400 flights in the winter months. The airport is proposing to use the extra flights in the summer months. On average there is between 14 – 22 flights per night. We suggest you call for a reduction in night flights overall.

Cleeve has submitted a response to NSC and hope many residents have also expressed their concerns of the potential developments.

Whilst considering both The Lord Nelson and Bristol Airport, Cleeve PC have continued to act with unbiased views and with an open mind. We have listened to and read the documentation regarding the proposals and then submitted responses in line with planning policies to ensure the best recommendations were put forward for Cleeve.

There is still time to submit a response to both The Lord Nelson and Bristol Airport planning applications.

What have we achieved?

Millennium Gardens: In May we held an opening of Millennium Gardens to celebrate the renovation work that was completed by Glendale paid for by a generous grant from Bristol Airport. The gardens are now more accessible for those with pushchairs and wheelchairs and is more of an educational hub thanks to the lectern.

The garden has so many wonderful things to enjoy no matter what your age, whether you want to sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings or look for insects or other local wildlife we hope you make a visit and like what we have done.

Speed Watch: We received a request for a Community Speed Watch to be set up in Cleeve, we listened to this and now, with willing volunteers a CSW scheme is now active within the village. We have 6 members in the team but there is always room for more so do get in contact with our Clerk Alicia Fox if you want to take part.

Parking issues: Cllr George Stringer and our Clerk Alicia Fox were both interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol in the Summer with regards to holiday makers using roads within Cleeve as a way to park for free and then catch the bus to the airport. We are working with Bristol airport to resolve this and are also keeping logs of long term parked vehicles.

Pound Green: Unfortunately, we have had to fell the Silver Birch which was on Pound Green due to it being a potential safety risk. We hope to plant a replacement in the New Year.

The bus shelter on Pound Green has been spruced up and now looks much smarter. Also, the phone box has been given a new lease of life with its newly painted exterior which was kindly completed by British Telecom.

Dog bin: A new dog bin has been placed on the footpath near Bishops Mead to help dog walkers dispose of their bags when on walks and to help improve the dog fouling within the village.


We have received two applications this year both of which were agreed by the Council. Firstly, we gave £1000 to the Village hall as a contribution towards their new kitchen. Secondly, we gave £347.98 to Cleeve Kids Corner to purchase a new litter bin.


Please can all residents be reminded to park in accordance with the Highway code and also considerately. We have received a lot of reports of people not being able to access the pathway from Bishops Mead to Graitney Close.


As at 31st December our total outgoing payments were: £16,596.60

As at 31st December our total income (including the precept) was: £17,285.49

We hold a £5,000 contingency fund which is there for any unplanned maintenance or emergencies throughout the year. The contingency fund is approximately one third of the total precept.