All policies have been reviewed as at 10 May 2022 and will be reviewed in May 2023

Action Plan

The Council has implemented an Action plan which will be updated and agreed annually. The action plan details what the Council aims to achieve over the next 12 months. 

This can be found HERE

Grant Awarding Policy

The Council has now implemented a Grant Awarding Policy which is to ensure it is fully transparent and accountable for all funds spent. It is open to any committees/groups and charities within Cleeve or those who will directly benefit Cleeve and its residents.  

You can find the grant form HERE and the terms of the grant are HERE.

Standing Orders

The Council operates under what are known as Standing Orders, which define the way in which the Council conducts its business.  

This can be found HERE

Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations set out the terms under which the payments are made and how the Council’s finances controlled.

This can be found HERE

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