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Speed Restrictions

As most of you are aware we are trying to find ways to reduce the speed limit from national to 30mph along Cleeve Hill Road. North Somerset have carried out tests which has lots of interesting information, the results can be seen here:




Below is the information NSC gave us: 

Each set of data contains a considerable amount of information, the opening tab ‘Dashboard’ is a summary of the data collected giving us speeds, volumes and classification of vehicle, it also shows a plan of where the reading was taken.

The subsequent tabs go into the detail of the information collected, the first two show the 15 minute and 1 hour volumes, the next is the class of vehicle and then the summary of these classes, then you have the actual speed data and then the speed data summary.

For the purposes of Highway Engineering in relation to speed we are concerned with the 7 day average and the 7 day 85%ile speeds these are the bench mark that is used in determining how drivers are behaving.

Both the readings indicate that we have got compliance with the speed limit. both readings show us that drivers would be complying with a 30 speed limit should one be introduced.

Now that we can establish that we have compliance with a 30 speed limit along the road, combine that with the volume of frontage development from a Highway Officer point of view a 30mph speed limit is justifiable.

However North Somerset Council do not, at this time, have a budget for the implementation of speed limits across the district.


Planning enforcement
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