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Update from the PCAA 

Please watch the video in the link below. It has been produced by children from North Somerset and is aimed towards Ontario Teachers who are the majority owner of Bristol Airport.

The video is available at the website

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Airport planning application 18/P/5118/OUT we are still unsure when this application will be determined. Although an application for car parking at Junction 21 has been submitted to North Somerset Council it has not yet been validated and not been placed on the weekly register.

A presentation to the PCAA meeting on 18 July is currently being arranged. It will be from the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN). This is a newly formed organisation and we shall be sending out more information nearer the time. It is an opportunity for those parishes under the flight path and who have major concerns about aircraft noise to help ICCAN understand how communities feel about noise and give viable solutions for ICCAN to consider.

The West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination timetable is now available and is running from 2 July to 11 October 2019. Within the timetable there is no mention of Bristol Airport. We now know from two Freedom of Information questions that no growth at Bristol Airport has been considered within the Plan and also from a comment by Highways England to the airport planning application. Yet throughout the consultations, and particularly the transport consultations, there is an assumption that Bristol Airport will expand during the Plan period to 2036. The PCAA has responded to all the consultations since 2016 highlighting sustainability issues especially carbon emissions from increased aircraft and vehicle movements, further car parking on the green belt, loss of habitat for a protected species the Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bat. We also commented on the airport becoming a strategic employment zone. I have written to the administrator requesting that the PCAA have an opportunity to comment on the Plan. We have been offered a slot in ‘Matter 5’ which is to comment on the employment zone which we will accept. We shall also be submitting a further written response. The employment zone sits in the green belt so we will be able to bring up many of the sustainability issues such as transport and green belt.

The Committee on Climate Change is reporting in early May on aviation emissions. We shall then write a response to the consultation titled ‘Aviation 2050: The future of UK aviation’ which will be circulated.



Cleeve Parish Council response to the planning application

PCAA final response and appendices to the planning application 

Master Plan Consultation - Stage II Development Proposals and Options May 2018

Cleve Parish Council response to Master Plan Consultation - Stage II Development Proposals and Options May 2018

PCAA Response to Master Plan Consultation - Stage II Development Proposals and Options May 2018 

Letter from Dr Liam Fox to the Secretary of State 


Please see the below links for further information on Bristol Airport. Cleeve Parish Council has not participated in the development of the sites but is happy to share them to help to provide information to our parishioners. 

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 We have written to Dr Liam Fox asking him to call the planning application 

Following the meeting of Cleeve Parish Council on 5th February 2019 for their monthly meeting, it was requested a letter was sent to Dr Liam Fox regarding the Bristol Airport planning application- 18/P/5118/OUT. 

CPC requested that Dr Liam Fox call in 18/P/5118/OUT planning application to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and support the alternative parking site at junction 21 as:

  1. The proposed expansion at the airport consists of 2,700 cars being parked on 5.1 ha of green belt land which is environmentally sensitive as the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for the Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bat is located within 2 km. An alternative site for car parking at Junction 21 has become available for airport parking. This alternative site will prevent the further destruction of North Somerset Greenbelt.
  2. Carbon emissions arising from vehicle movements to and from the airport will undermine the West of England Plan to decrease emissions. North Somerset Council has signed up to these targets.

Website for Concerns

Dr Fox has set up a web page on Bristol Airport to publish replies to letters he has written on behalf of his constituents. If you have any concerns on the airport plans please email and the webpage can be found here.

Planning Application By Bristol Airport Limited

Reference No: 18/P/5118/OUT 

Description: The application is for growth to 12 million passengers per annum (mppa). This is phase 1 of proposed growth to 20 mppa. 12 mppa will be a 50% increase from 2017 when Bristol Airport reached 8 mppa and will mean a throughput 97,373 aircraft movements in a 12-month calendar period resulting in a flight almost every three minutes. There will be a further extension to the ‘Silver Zone’ car park of approximately 2,700 additional spaces for all-year-round use, in the green belt. There will be major congestion on the A38 spilling over to the A370 and on to rural roads through rural villages.