Annual Parish Assembly

Published: 10 April 2019

Our Annual Parish Assembly took place at 7.30pm in Cleeve Village Hall on 21st May 2019. 

The agenda and finance summary can be found on our meetings tab. 

Please see our Chairman Cllr Debs Lister annual summary below:

2018-19 has been another busy year for Cleeve Parish Council. It has been an Election year and sadly Jean Ashman decided to stand down from the Council as a whole. We would like to say a huge thank you for her chairmanship and all that she has contributed to the Council over the past 13 years. She is going to be missed.
We also saw the resignation of another Councillor, Toby Morton, we did not co-opt prior to the elections. Fortunately for us, Geoff Pritchard put himself forward at the election and was duly elected. We have welcomed him on board and hopefully he will enjoy his time on the Council.
We do still have a vacancy to fill through co-option so if you, or someone you know, would like to get involved please contact us.
Also, since the election, we have had to say goodbye to our District Councillor Deborah Yamanaka, she will be a very tough act to follow as, over the years, she has assisted and advised the Council in many matters.
Taking over this role is Steve Hogg who unanimously won his Independent seat for the Wrington Ward. We aspire to uphold good relations and wish him every success as he starts this new undertaking.
As far as what we have achieved this year:
Planning applications:
Throughout the year the Council has received and reviewed many planning applications – most of them posing no issues to the village. However, there have been two that have taken up a considerable amount of time: the proposed changes to The Lord Nelson and the airport expansion plans.
With regards to the Lord Nelson, in June last year NSC approved the grey hoarding erected by Tout Ltd on a temporary basis of 2 years. Since then the applicant has had to further amend his plans; submit more reports and provide justifications for action to NSC. The status of the application as of this meeting is that the case officer has published a refusal on very strong grounds. Now there’s nothing more we can do but wait and see what happens next.
For the Airport Hilary, as Chair of the Parish Councils Airport Association, will provide an update on current situation at the end of this report.
Millennium Gardens: During the extremely hot spell last summer we managed to save the trees in this garden that were being very badly affected. Also, Cleeve Guides have made a lovely ‘Welcome’ sign for which we’re very grateful. The garden continues to be enjoyed by local residents and we hope this continues.
On Pound Green during the year:
In June 2018 we arranged for BT to repair, repaint and spruce up our village telephone box, which looks a great deal smarter now.
In November unfortunately, due to a safety risk we had to fell the Silver Birch but have Cllr Burn and Caroline Woodthorp (tree warden) to thank for the planting of a Liquidamber Styr Worpleson and an Ilex x Altaclerensis in its place to make sure Pound Green looks it’s best.
Also in November the Bus Shelter was cleaned and re-varnished and Cllr Stringer has very kindly recently given the wooden bench on the Green its annual coat of varnish.
We also made the decision to purchase a lockable Parish Notice Board for the side of the bus shelter to enhance its overall tidiness.
Footpaths: All original requests for improved gates/stiles have now been changed and are much more accessible by all wanting to enjoy the local footpaths.
Speed Watch: Our Community Speed Watch scheme in Cleeve is still very active with our team of 6 willing volunteers regularly updating the Council on their activities. If anyone wants to participate please contact our Clerk Alicia Fox.
Dog bin: Our Village Orderly identified a requirement for another dog bin at the Bishop’s Mead end of Bishop’s Road so, if you’re a dog walker and haven’t noticed it –we have purchased a new bin which is situated on the footpath near the bend. We thank everyone who regularly uses the dog bins provided within the village.
Quality: As regards to Quality, Cleeve Parish Council has also come on leaps and bounds this year, thanks to the hard work by Alicia. Back in October we took our first steps towards submission of an application for a Foundation Award in the Local Council Award Scheme. After updating numerous documents and procedures, in April it was agreed that we had met the criteria and thus an application has been made. Our website has also had a huge makeover, dragging it into the 21st century. It’s now extremely user, and device, friendly and contains a lot of relevant information and links to useful websites.
Our Facebook account also has regular posts about all things pertinent to the Council’s activities and our community. We are trying our best to get ‘word out there’, through various mediums, about we do and can do for Cleeve.
Grants: We have continued supporting the Village Hall and the King George V Playing Fields. We received two applications this year both of which were agreed by the Council. Firstly, we gave £1000 to the Village hall as a contribution towards their new kitchen. Secondly, we gave £347 to Cleeve Kids Corner to purchase 2 new litter bins which should be arriving soon. Their next action is to look into repairs and possibly some more equipment.
Our grant application form and terms can be found on our website if your organisation wishes to apply.
Parking issues: Cllr Stringer and Alicia were both interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol in July with regards to holiday makers using Cleeve roads as a free airport-parking facility. We’re working with Bristol airport and NSC to try to resolve this and we’re keeping a register of any vehicle that is obviously parked by an airport user.
Also, NSC are currently carrying out a parking assessment throughout North Somerset and the data that we collected last summer from our Millier Road parking review has been sent to them as evidence for the problem this road has.
I would like it known as well that I am trying to monitor any instances of vehicles parking across the front of our disabled drop kerbs. So, if you see any, please take a note of where and when and if you’re able to safely take a photo even better. Let us know and we can register this. The results of the NSC review will determine which way Cleeve PC will go. Also we would like any vehicle accident that occurs within Cleeve to be reported to us so that can be logged.
NSC have carried out speed tests on the built up stretch of Cleeve Hill Road and have confirmed that it fits the criteria for a 30mph speed restriction. But, like everything else there are costs involved so we are investigating funding avenues to see what is possible.
On behalf of the Council I would like to thank Carolyn Woodthorpe, for all her advice and work as our Tree Warden.
Caroline Crane, our Village Orderly, who does a grand job at keeping Cleeve clean and tidy, litter wise and Alan Ballinger who is our new grass cutter and I’m sure you’ll all agree is keeping Pound Green and Millennium Gardens looking lovely.
We would also like to thank those of you who attend our meetings as your contributions are vital and always appreciated.
To end the year:
Last month to celebrate the Council’s 70th Anniversary we challenged Yatton Parish Council to a game of skittles. We hosted the event in the Sinclair Pavilion and overall had a really good evening. We won the game and even though we beat them – Yatton would like to make it an annual event.
For our Anniversary ‘party’ in the Village Hall we were able to display numerous items of historical interest from the past 70 years – these were found from our past records; All About Cleeve; maps; newspaper clippings. I would like to thank Marianne and the History Society and Sarah Cush for their support with this and Alicia for preparing everything so it could be displayed.
Lots of people attended and enjoyed looking back through time and recalling memories – and of course eating the numerous cakes we’d made. Overall a great success!
Looking ahead: As well as all the improvements over the past 12 months to documentation, procedures and overall ‘presence’. We’re aiming to look towards further improvements in our engagement with the Community. A couple of ideas so far are ‘Councillor drop-in surgeries’ and a stall at next year’s Fun Day. If any resident would like to suggest something – please feel free to do so.